CHIMC.A'Management Institute that does not believe in the assembly-line type of education.

When we set out to start CHIMC,we had many question on mind. Among them,was a seemingly simple question that took us quite sometime to answers. It was about,what should CHIMC,stand for? Should it be known as assembly line or an institute of excellence. Do we manufacture,produce... or be recognized as a mentor. We preferred being the latter.Thankfully.

At CHIMC,what we cultivate in students in need to learn.A need to know things.This not just helps them in being prepared to tackle situation,but place them a good few yards ahead of others.Another aspect we train over student is to get into the habit of thinking. Of applying themselves.Every class,every session,every assignment,every project is devised to hone a student's application skill in real life situations...

In a nutshell,a student at CHIMC is nurtured to have Sound

Fundamental Knowledge: This is made possible by a careful choice fo subjects expert trainers and IIM Derived pedagogy

Right Attitude: The right attiude often determines how well one fairs professionally. The institute places special emphasis on readiness to work hard, work along timelines and an equally enthusiastic willingness for self improvement

Excellent Managerial Skills:: The Exhaustive Curriculum and consummate examination system coupled with and intensive self assessment and appraisal program ensure that students develop fine managerial skills.

Business Exposure &Awareness:At CHIMC we provide students a platform for extensive industry interface. Whether it is through internship programs, industrial Visits or interaction with Industry stalwarts, we make sure that our students get the much needed exposure.

Not without reason BusinessWorld ranks us among the best institutes,along side IIM Indore in Pedagogy.