Director Messages

Dear student,

Welcome to CHIMC.

The CH Institute of Management and Research (CHIMC) offers an exciting academic environment in which the views, values and ideas are cultivated into students.

As the director of the CHIMC, I am proud to acknowledge that the success of our programs is in large part due to our dedicated faculty member. This constitutes the basis for all faculty members being distinguished researchers as well as teachers in a number of ways. Most importantly, all members of the CHIMC are competent academicians, since they are actively involved in research, witnessed by publications in highly ranked academic journals.

The literary purpose of the CHIMC is to prepare students as analysts, practitioners and administrators who have acquired a scientific way of looking at given problems. Our students also play a significant role in making our program successful through their effort and determination in finding solutions to exigent issues. What we offer our students is a abundantly educational program that is intended to guide them to ask the right questions and to master the use of scientific tools provided by social science for objective, critical and logical analyses of business related problems.

To fulfill this objective, our curriculum has reliable and meticulous sequences of subjects, On Job Training and research activities. Each student also conducts a master research project in which he or she has a chance to apply learned theories and scientific skills to an important problem of his or her choice. Like everything else, achieving something meaningful needs serious commitments. The knowledge gained by students analyzed and reexamined thoroughly with continuous interaction among students and faculty members.

With a sturdy syllabus accompanied by scrupulous training that is distinctive to the CHIMC, the devoted faculty members all look forward to welcoming new students.

Dr.Rakesh Chouhan
MBA, Phd
CH Institute of Management and Commerce, Ujjain Road, Indore